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St Patrick’s Day Pack


Ingredients to complement your St Patrick’s Day fun meals! Perfect for making Corned Beef & Cabbage! Also amazing are herbed potatoes and mashed potatoes with kale!


Hoping for Cabbage, Russet and Red Potatoes, Kale, Carrots, and Onions

Herb Pack


Whether you use these right away or you dry them and fill your spice jars, these will be a great addition to your kitchen.  Herb & spices really are the difference between ho-hum cooking and phenomenal cuisine!


Hoping for fresh Thyme, Basil, Dil, Mint, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, Chives

Juice Pack


This pack is great for juicers as well as those who just like some additional veggies and fruits! 
Hoping for Beets, Kale, Cucumber, Ginger, Green Apple, Orange, Lime, Celery


Approx 12 count


Mangoes are a great, fresh addition to salsas, smoothies, yogurt, granola! Make mango water, mango sorbet, or mango-mint limeade!

Navel Oranges

Approx 38 Lbs

Approx 56 count


Who doesn’t love an amazing Navel Orange?  These seedless beauties are good for so many things! I love them for:
- Snacking
- Juicing (freezes beauifully!)
- Marmelade
- Smoothies

And the best part is my kids love them too!

Hothouse Tomatoes

Approx 15 Lbs


Salsa, Tomato Sauce, Diced Tomatoes, Roasted Tomatoes, they all start with great tomatoes! These tomatoes will be the basis for so many amazing meals for your family. Set out on the counter on a tea towel and they will ripen beautifully!

Tomato sauce is so easy! If you want a place to start, this is a very nice Fresh Tomato Sauce. I often will roast my tomato and then serve or freeze for later! I use this How to Roast Tomatoes tutorial as my base for all tomatoes – simple and delicious!

Split Peas

Approx 25 Lbs



I save ham bones in the freezer just for split pea soup! A perfect food storage item – and green and yellow split peas and lentil can be used interchangeably. Try SplitPea Soup, Dahl, Hummus, Split Pea Burgers (vegetarian or vegan!), and they’re gorgeous and delicious cooked and topping any salad! I love marinating them (cooked) at the bottom of my week’s stock of salad-in-a-jar.

Jasmine Rice
Approx 25 Lbs



25 pounds of Jasmine Rice for your pantry! A delicous side item that is so versatile; rice complements a plethora of dishes! A great pantry item!

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