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Juice Pack

This pack is great for making juices and smoothies! It’s a great option as well as for those who just like some additional veggies and fruits! 
Hoping for Cucumbers, Celery, Carrots, Ginger, Oranges, Lemons, and Apples.

Approx twelve 6 oz containers


Don’t leave these sitting! No matter how you serve or preserve them, these little gems are delicious! They dehydrate well, jam up nicely, can star in an amazing pie, top yogurt and ice cream, and are great to snack on! We love to add them to pancakes, muffins, and scones.


Approx 9 count
Approx 4 kilos


Mangoes are a great, fresh addition to salsas, smoothies, yogurt, granola! Make mango water, mango sorbet, or mango-mint limeade!

Local Kale

Approx 24 bunches


Make kale chips (a family favorite!); braised kale; kale salad; juice it or put it in smoothies, egg scrambles, pasta, and soups and stews; and on pizza! This superfood veggie is so versatile and so good for you. My current daily breakfast: fresh kale, sweet potato (cubed, roasted, and frozen), chopped garlic, olive oil in a pan; top with a fried egg, homemade sriracha, and crumbled bacon or sausage if there’s any languishing in the fridge! It is an amazing start to my day!

Shishito Peppers
Approx 10 Lbs

I LOVE SHISHTOS! These little peppers are outstanding! Throw them on the grill or in a hot pan (love my cast iron for these) and grill or saute until blistered – even charred in a few places – and then toss withsea salt and devour! A squeeze of lemon or lime juice is lovely, too.  I’ve heard they’re great in eggs, but they never make it that far in my house. They have a little almost-sweet heat, and even my youngest will chomp on them grill-side.

I may move to Minnesota this week just to get these.

 Black Diamond Watermelon

Approx 13 Lbs


This is THE watermelon for seed-spitting-contests! Not only because this heirloom variety has the classic grey/black seeds, but because this variety is so prolific – you’ll have watermelon vines sprouting in your flowerbeds! This is a classic oblong, crisp, bright red fleshed, flavorful watermelon!

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