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Mexican Pack


Ingredients to complement your south-of-the-border-themed dishes! We absolutely love making salsas, fajitas (with or without meat!), and this Mexican hot sauce – we make something similar and add a teaspoon of oregano and double the garlic. My big kids use this sauce on everything!

Hoping for Poblano and Serano Peppers, Zucchini, Tomatoes, White and Green Onions, and Limes



Have kids packing lunches or like having extra “finger food”? This pack is for you! Fill those tummies with something delicious and nutritious if you want those brains to fill up with reading, writing and arithmetic. We all think better with a full tummy and without artificial refined ingredients. So many kids “problem” classroom behaviors iron out when they start eating a clean diet.


Hoping for Apples, Blackberries, Plums, Bananas, Grapes, Kiwi and Bosc Pears

Fuji Apples 

Approx 113 count

Approx 38 Lbs


Fuji apples are crisp, sweet and juicy and are an all around solid choice as an apple. I love them in all the following ways:


- Fresh eating apple
- Apple Sauce
- Fruit Rolls
- Apple Pie
- Apple Crisp


Fresh Sugar-Free Applesauce is easy and delicious! In a stovetop or electric pressure cooker, put in:

-Apples (at least 10, up to enough to fill your pot to the Max line
-1/2 cup water
-Optional: Cinnamon to taste (we do about a Tblsp)
-Optional: Vanilla (we do about a tsp)


Peel and core your apples, fill pot to Max line (I’ve thrown in a couple of pears, too), pressure for 10 minutes, release the pressure if you’re in a hurry, natural release if you’re not, and blend – I like my stick/immersion blender as it easily allows me to keep some chunkiness. Adjust seasoning as desired – more cinnamon, splash of vanilla, some sweet spice blend, whatever. Throw in your refrigerator and enjoy all week!

Any kind or mix of apples will do, though using only Granny Smiths will be tart. I tend to do a max of four Granny Smith per full pot of apples for sauce.

Brussels Sprouts

Approx 25 Lb

So excited about this long time favorite of mine showing up as a featured item! Whether you serve them boiled, or steamed or roasted with onions and bacon like yours truly these are a for sure pleaser!

Pie Pumpkins

Approx 8-10 count
Appro 40 Lb


These pumpkins are a classic in any fall display. They’re a good food source too! Use  as decoration for now and food for later! (And if you’re really lazy like I am, let it set out all year. You’ll have pumpkin vines volunteering!)

Dried Ancho Chiles
Dry chiles
Approx 5 Lbs


These are the dried version of the chile called Pasilla or Poblano (these names are used interchangably). Dried Anchoes tend to be fairly mild and are the most commonly used dried chile in Mexico. But every so often can surprise you with some heat! The AnchoChile stars in sauces like mole, red chile, tamales, enchilada, soups, and salsas. I like to lightly toast mine before re-hyrdrating or grinding!

Ground Cumin

Approx 1 Lb


Cumin, my nemesis! Why? Because I run out of it All Of The Time! After garlic and onion powders, this is the most-used spice in my kitchen. I make all of my own spice mixes and rubs (no fillers nor MSG for us), and cumin is a major player in any mix, rub, and marinade destined for Mexican dishes and meats headed for the barbeque and smoker. Cumin is in every salsa and taco sauce, chicken salad, meat loaf, kebabs, pinto and black beans, lentils, and chicken soups that I make. I make up a batch of taco seasoning at least once a month. I love knowing exactly what is -and isn’t- in my family’s food!

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