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Grill Pack


Add extra produce to your basket! All of these items are awesome plain, marinated, or sauced on the grill! 


Hoping for Corn, Pineapple, Mini Sweet Peppers, Portabello and White Mushrooms, Red Onions, and Eggplant

Picnic Pack


Add extra produce to your basket! This pack complements your picnicor party menu! Good for the grill, fruit salad, fruit trays, potato salad, and burger and hot dog sides.


Hoping for Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Peach, Strawberries, Blueberries, Green Onions, and Potatoes

Bi-Color Corn

Approx 44 count


Fantastic fresh (grill! steam! boil! salsa!), frozen, and bottled! Stock up to have sweet summer corn all winter. Check out our blog for corn recipes! For different ways to freeze corn, check out this https://anoregoncottage.com/freeze-corn-three-ways-blanched-unblanched-whole/.


Jalapeno Peppers

Approx 5 Lb


Jalapeno peppers – a staple in many dishes that want a little (or a big!) kick! Think Central and South American and Southeast Asia cuisines! 

For our upcoming get-together, we’re thinking a whole mess of jalapeno poppers!

Don’t think you’ll use a whole pound? Easy! Rinse, dry, toss them in a freezer bag, and freeze! Pre-roast and chop or slice for a fast and easy addition to recipes.

I’m going to make cowboy candy this summer! My family is also a huge fan of poppers – here’s a fun recipe to get your taste buds started! 


Approx 175 count


Zest and freeze; juice and freeze! We use limes in all kinds of things, including smoothies, infused water, drinks, recipes, and marinades. Try out this one the next time you make fajitas! Into a container: juice of one lime (or three! I love lime!), about a cup of chopped cilantro, four cloves of chopped garlic, a chopped jalapeno, 3-4 tablespoons olive oil, a teaspoon each salt and pepper. If I’m feeling fancy, I process in food processor or blender. If I’m feeling lazy, I leave chunkier and just chop more finely. Great on meat, seafood, and veggies! Also, think Key Lime Pie! My 10yo loves to make fresh limeade any time we have 10 or more limes - fresh and delicious!

Local Rhubarb
Approx 20 Lbs


Strawberry rhubarb pie. Strawberry rhubarb tart. Strawberry rhubarb sauce.

Just the thought of rhubarb takes me right back to childhood and summers at Grandma’s house! Freezes beautifully – simply wash, chop in 1/2 in pieces, toss into a freezer bag, and pull out what you need for your recipe.

Local Parsnips

Approx 5 Lbs


In the carrot family, this root vegetable is AMAZING roasted! Nuttier and sweeter than carrots, they can be prepared the same – roasted, roasted then frozen for later, in soups and stews, We love them simple with salt and pepper, more completx with the warmer spices like ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and with stronger herbs like cumin, coriander, and fresh garlic,  rosemary, or thyme.

Approx 8 Lb


Delicious fresh, frozen, jammed, syruped (is that a word?); dehydrate in fruit rolls; make fruit salad and fruit pizza; toss in a smoothie, smother ice cream, yogurt, cereal, and shortcake; and our favorite: strawberry-topped gluten-free crepes! A favorite dish of my kids is Greek yogurt topped with strawberries and drizzled with raw honey.

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